5 roadblocks to supply chain success kinaxis whitepaper5 roadblocks to supply chain success kinaxis whitepaper

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Kinaxis is a leading provider of cloud-based subscription software that enables our customers to improve and accelerate analysis and decision-making across their supply chain operations. The supply chain planning and analytics capabilities of our product, RapidResponse®, create the foundation for managing multiple, interconnected supply chain management processes. By using the single RapidResponse product instead of combining individual disparate software solutions, our customers gain visibility across their supply chains, can respond quickly to changing conditions, and ultimately realize significant operating efficiencies.

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 These companies changed their approach to supply chain planning. Now they know sooner and act faster.  How about you?

  • Benchmark Electronics, Inc.
  • Sonus Networks, Inc.
  • Power-One, Inc.
  • Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
  • BTI Systems Inc.

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The Kinaxis event calendar is always full.  We believe that getting face-to-face with people is one of the best ways to get our message out and make our value known. Whether it's live product demonstrations at our booth, customer case study presentations, or one-on-one meetings, we try to provide valuable opportunities to engage with event attendees. How about attending one of these upcoming events?  And if you do, we invite you to stop by our booth or schedule a meeting, so we can show you the powerful capabilities and the resulting business outcomes you can get with Kinaxis RapidResponse.  In the meantime, please stay connected with Kinaxis; here are ways to follow us.

SCM World Live Americas

February 8-11, 2016
Miami, Florida

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While more women are entering the supply chain profession, few hold C-level positions. Analysis by SCM World shows that just 5% of top supply chain executives in Fortune Global 500 companies are female. If lasting change is to occur, more of these role models are needed to provide rising stars with a template for success, and there needs to be a greater understanding among practitioners of both genders about the barriers that women face. This event is dedicated to identifying those lessons learned by women who have risen to the top of the profession, both in terms of how to run a great supply chain and what the uniquely female perspective brings to career planning.

In a Nutshell...

Kinaxis enables our customers to improve and accelerate analysis and decision-making across their supply chain operations.

We help leaders across multiple industries, including A&D, Automotive, High Tech, Industrial and Life Sciences to create a foundation for concurrent planning, continuous performance monitoring, and coordinated responses to plan variances across multiple areas of the business. Our single-product offering supports a full spectrum of supply chain related business processes, including: S&OP, supply planning, capacity planning, demand planning, inventory management, MPS, and order fulfillment.

Our customers have immensely complex supply chain networks and volatile business environments. Yet, they have been able to replace disparate planning and performance management tools and realize significant operations performance breakthroughs in planning cycles, supply chain response times, and decision accuracy. They can easily model varying supply chain conditions to make both long-term and real-time demand and supply balancing decisions quickly, collaboratively, and in line with the shared business objectives of multiple stakeholders.