The supply chain has transformed. So must your approach to supply chain software.

Focus on the capabilities that drive business outcomes

Disparate legacy supply chain software solutions based on planning optimization models and fixed, sequential processes make it impossible to get complete and accurate information about opportunities and risks to the business. More importantly, these solutions make it extremely challenging to manage operations in the most effective manner possible. 

Kinaxis® RapidResponse® offers the analytical depth and speed that can take supply chain planning and supply chain response cycles from days and weeks to mere hours and minutes, while simultaneously improving business outcomes.

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With an Agile Planning and Analytics Layer 

RapidResponse adds a highly-configurable planning and supply chain analytics layer to your operations without having to re-architect your systems environment.

RapidResponse is founded on a single product with a single code stream. This provides a distinct advantage over the alternatives of:

  • An assortment of ERP bolt-on modules or standalone supply chain software applications that solve point agendas and that are loosely tied together
  • A proliferating collection of Excel spreadsheets that offer flexibility, but suffer from serious reliability, scalability, and collaboration limitations

With RapidResponse, you don't have to choose between reliability and flexibility. RapidResponse provides a planning system of record that’s sound, scalable and configurable. The data has integrity and ties back to the foundational transactional systems, but the functionality can be quickly adjusted to support new supply chain processes and priorities.

An agile supply chain that can respond to unexpected change and volatile customer demands necessitates a supporting supply chain software solution that’s equally as agile.

RapidResponse powers the underlying capabilities essential to making short-term to long-term demand and supply balancing decisions across the enterprise.

These capabilities support the configuration of departmental, functional, or user specific supply chain planning and analysis needs.

The breakthrough value of RapidResponse is in the combination of capabilities. It’s the delivery of the full and unified set of capabilities that sets the RapidResponse architecture apart from other supply chain solutions.

Learn more about our key capabilities:
Consequence evaluation and alerting
Responsibility-based collaboration
High speed analytics
What-if analysis and scenario simulation

Supply Chain Technology Functions

Are supply chain software vendors claiming the same?  But can they claim they offer all capabilities within a...

Single product

Plan, monitor and respond across all business functions from a single platform that connects data, processes and people.

A Single Supply Chain Planning Software System

Single data model

Mimic multiple enterprise resource planning (ERP) data structures and planning engines in a one data model to maintain a single version of the truth.

A Single Supply Chain In-Memory Database and Analytics Engine

Single user interface

Eliminate the need to log into multiple systems or integrate across modules with a single user interface that’s easy to navigate and use.

Supply Chain Software User Experience

RapidResponse is uniquely architected to deliver configurable supply chain planning applications that combine information, capabilities and people for holistic coordination of an enterprise's operations.

The Results?


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RapidResponse integrates data and mimics the analytical behavior of many ERP systems, resulting in a complete representation of the supply chain and clear identification of cause and effect.


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The core of RapidResponse is an in-memory database engine designed for speed and simulation, driving quick and accurate answers to stakeholders.


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The extensible UI and data model is designed to address complex business pains, but with a simplified and configurable architecture.

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Customer Survey Chart: RapidResponse Flexibility

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Qualcomm Using RapidResponse as the Supply Chain Planning Engine for the Company

Qualcomm - Using RapidResponse as the Supply Chain Planning Engine for the Company

Qualcomm RapidResponse for Flexibility and Scalability

Qualcomm - RapidResponse for Supply Chain Software Flexibility and Scalability

Varian (now Applied Materials) Kinaxis as an Innovation Leader

Varian (now Applied Materials) - Kinaxis as an Innovation Leader

Prana RapidResponse as a Flexible Supply Chain Platform

Prana - RapidResponse as a Flexible Supply Chain Platform

Doug Colbeth Responding to Change Requires a Different Supply Chain Solution Architecture

Doug Colbeth - Responding to Change Requires a Different Supply Chain Solution Architecture

Duncan Klett The Limitations of Supply Chain Planning Optimization

Duncan Klett - The Limitations of Supply Chain Planning Optimization

Given a general-purpose in-memory database engine, it’s possible to envision a company – or more likely, a systems integrator – building the advanced supply chain planning tools needed to make use of this technology. However, the cost of building, maintaining, and upgrading that environment would be greater than most companies could bear, and the likelihood is slim to none that such a purpose-built system would be able to support the breadth of technical and business functionality that Kinaxis has been able to deliver with RapidResponse.

Joshua Greenbaum, Enterprise Applications Consulting