Supply Chain Executive Interviews

Supply Chain Perspectives from Industry Experts

Jake Barr
CEO / Principal, BlueWater Consulting Group (former director, global supply network design, P&G)

"We are on the verge at the moment in the consumer products industry of making a huge step change...the step change is one around decision making..."

Lora Cecere
founder, supply chain insights

"…you just can't get there without decision support."

Norm Fjeldheim
chief information officer, Qualcomm

"…It's at the heart of everything that we do."

Roddy Martin
(former founder, Stellar Concepts Corporation and SVP Value Chain Research, AMR Research)

"Process development without process information capabilities, like the Kinaxis Control Tower, will simply take too long to deliver real business value."

Shellie Molina
vice president, global supply chain, FIrst solar

"Being able to utilize RapidResponse as our one planning tool has opened up the opportunity for us to have common goals and objectives and not siloed goals and objectives."

Joe McBeth
vice president, global supply chains, Jabil

"Kinaxis allows us to leverage our footprint better…"

Kevin O'Marah
(former chief strategy officer at AMR Research)

"…so much better and faster than what you can get today from ERP…"

Martin Pitson
vice president of IT and CIO, BTI Systems

"In order to meet the high expectations of new and existing customers, we partner with leading companies like Kinaxis, which helps us better automate and streamline the sales and supply chain processes that drive our business..."

Jeff Range
vice president global operations, March Networks

"…enabled us to make significant savings and avoid liabilities…"

Jim White
vice president, central operations / CPO, Applied materials

"RapidResponse with Kinaxis has been able to enable us to do modeling in real time for our business, which has really been tremendous to meet our customer expectations."