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The rise of the digital supply network

By Adam Mussomeli, Doug Gish, Stephen Laaper | Deloitte University Press

Supply chains traditionally are linear in nature, with a discrete progression of design, plan, source, make, and deliver. Today, however, many supply chains are transforming from a staid sequence to a dynamic, interconnected system that can more readily incorporate ecosystem partners and evolve to a more optimal state over time. This shift to an interconnected, open system of supply operations is called a digital supply network (DSN) and it could lay the foundation for how companies compete in the future.

In this paper, Deloitte thought leaders explore and analyze the next stage of growth for supply chains in digital supply networks.

Building a Bimodal Supply Chain: Connecting supply chain efficiency and growth

By Kinaxis

To improve profits and increase customer satisfaction, today’s business leaders want (and need!) a lot from their supply chains: efficiency, growth, operational improvements, innovative ideas and disciplined cost management. Unfortunately, most supply chain strategies focus only on improving efficiencies. This white paper explores the importance of building a bimodal supply chain – one capable of ensuring both supply chain efficiency and supply chain growth.

Supply Chain Planning 4.0: Planning Revolutionized

By Kinaxis

The business benefits received from supply chain planning have plateaued because the industry is still using processes and capabilities described and developed in the 1960s. It is time for the next revolution in supply chain planning: Supply Chain Planning 4.0. Read this white paper to learn how building a sensing, intelligent and social supply chain will help you navigate the unprecedented challenges faced by today’s supply chain teams.

Supply Chain Visibility: Avoiding Short-Sighted Goals

By Kinaxis

The goal of supply chain visibility should lead you down a path to data connectivity, not just information gathering. By addressing the connectivity challenge in a way that gives quick access to multi-enterprise supply chain information, supply chain teams can not only solve their visibility challenge but also enable core supply chain capabilities which help them to address today’s top business challenges.

Overcoming 5 Roadblocks to Supply Chain Success

By Kinaxis

Supply chain success or failure these days depends on how quickly you can understand a situation and respond to it. Unfortunately, many supply chain processes and tools weren’t designed to deal effectively with ongoing cycles of change and compromise.

In this paper, we look at 5 roadblocks to supply chain success and discuss how to overcome them by taking a different approach to managing your supply chain.

Achieving Supply Chain Visibility in Multi-tier Environments

By Kinaxis

The loss of supply chain visibility as a result of outsourcing manufacturing operations is of real concern to OEMs. But it's the subsequent loss of control over the coordination of activities across the multi-tier supply chain that is creating the most risk and chaos for brand owners.

A tactical exchange of data node-by-node through the global supply chain is no longer sufficient to achieve true collaboration between brand owners and suppliers in today's volatile business environment. What is required is a holistic, end-to-end supply chain planning and response management system, where everyone can understand the consequences of decisions up and down the supply chain.

S&OP for Business Orchestration: Four Requirements for Making the Transformation

By Kinaxis

Traditional S&OP, as a serial piece-process, has proven to lead to ineffective and inefficient planning cycles that drive less than maximized value for the enterprise. As a result, a different interpretation and expectation for S&OP is emerging that entails better goals and broader competencies. In this paper, learn more about:

  • Acknowledging and Adapting to Plan Variance
  • Real Time “What-if” for Tradeoff Analysis
  • Financial Impact Analysis to Drive Profitable Decisions
  • An Information Layer for End-to-End Process Enablement

Diagnosing the Impact of Life Sciences Trends on the Supply Chain

By Kinaxis

Needing to deliver to diverse customer expectations while coordinating an extended supply chain in an environment of constant change is the current reality for Life Sciences industry companies. And there is growing evidence that existing technology architectures are not satisfying the capability needs for this new, complex world. 

This paper discusses:

  • The 5 Drivers of Supply Chain Complexity
  • The 7 Supply Chain Process that Need to Deliver
  • The Technology Solution Requirements