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Success with S&OP is often impeded by a lack of executive support, poor organizational alignment, and competing priorities.  With the S&OP application, you can evaluate, collaborate on, and choose a sales and operations plan that most closely aligns with corporate financial goals.

Because it is driven by a single system, the S&OP application can truly transform and mature your S&OP processes: 

  • All information is drawn from a single data model, allowing you to combine supply and demand planning, volume and mix planning, and long-term and short-term planning.
  • With everyone working from the same data source, collaboration across multiple functions including demand planning, supply planning, finance, sales, and marketing occurs more naturally.
  • Process templates and task flows guide users through their specific activities and help ensure that all parties adhere to the timelines and dependencies associated with the cross-functional processes in S&OP.
  • Various stages of the S&OP process can occur concurrently and continuously to improve the efficiency of the process and ensure the current S&OP plan reflects most recent decisions and developments. 


One of the greatest advantages of any given RapidResponse application is that it can be deployed alongside other applications as part of a broader, integrated solution.

Depending on your organization's needs, significant added benefits can be achieved by using the S&OP application with one or more related applications to ensure sychronization across interrelated planning processes.  Companies that implement the S&OP application can gain broader value and competitive advantage by using it with connected applications such as (but not limited to):

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RapidResponse applications are based on best-practices and standard process flows established by our years of successful deployments at a multitude of world-leading manufacturers. The out-of-the-box S&OP application enables quick implementations and also acts as an advanced starting point for a tailored solution that meets your company’s unique sales and operations management needs.

  • Faster and more reliable plan development, drastically reducing the sales and operations planning cycle, while producing more accurate results
  • Increased consensus and fewer surprises, producing viable plans that have been contributed to and vetted by stakeholders
  • Clearer, quicker insight into the impact of changes to the S&OP plan on operations, and conversely the impact of changes within a given function of the business on the S&OP plan
  • An ability to scale and mature the S&OP process to maximize business opportunities and minimize risks

Functional capabilities

  • Set financial targets and acceptable levels of variability
  • Measure progress against those targets
  • Identify gaps between the consensus demand plan and aggregate supply plan, and re-balance by changing or “shaping” the forecast demand in such a way as to be achievable
  • Evaluate multiple supply-demand balancing scenarios against various company metrics to enable optimal trade-offs
  • Enter and maintain S&OP assumptions

S&OP Process Calendar

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Managing PerfoRmance

The following standard metrics are included in the S&OP application's out-of-the-box dashboards, allowing for focused management of the performance measures most applicable to the function at hand:

  • Ending Inventory Value—summary of the value of the projected inventory at the end of each period.
  • Margin %—summary of the difference between revenue and cost of goods sold, by period.
  • Revenue Value—summary of the revenue for actual orders and forecast, by period.
  • On-Time Delivery to Request—historical and projected percentage, by period, of order lines available on or before their request date.
  • Key Constraint Utilization %—summary of actual load, by period, expressed as a percentage of the available load for key constraints.

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Sales and Operations Planning Process Components

The following graphic illustrates the out-of-the-box S&OP application process. This process can be tailored to meet your company's specific business needs.

S&OP Process

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