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Are You Setting Up Your Suppliers (and Yourself) for Success?

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Due to the number of tiers in the value chain network, supply chain visibility and supply chain coordination has been greatly reduced for brand owners and has made them dependent on suppliers for their business and operations performance results.

Even within mature supply chain organizations, the supplier can often be treated with an arms-length relationship, and information exchange can be rather rudimentary. While this may have been sufficient in the past, competitive pressures have demanded a more direct and interactive approach to supplier collaboration.

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To be truly effective, supplier collaboration needs to go far beyond the tactical exchange of data. Key suppliers must actively review information and directly contribute to the decision-making process so that companies can exchange early warnings and collaboratively resolve supply chain risk issues.


Gain global supply chain visibility into the state of the value chain with the ability to immediately assess the impact of exceptions, and thus avoid the constant scramble for information and answers.


Establish more pro-active management of issues through collaborative supplier engagement and better buyer efficiency.


Have a single technology solution to orchestrate all supplier collaboration, with the flexibility to support unique business processes or special terms and conditions.

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Using the RapidResponse® Supplier Collaboration application enables:

Interactive supplier engagement
Companies can balance the requirement for control and ownership with the desire for increased engagement and coordination through automated B2B data exchanges, rich EDI collaboration and direct supplier interaction with RapidResponse. So you can:

  • Share purchase order and forecast requests and initiate collaborative review and adjustments.
  • Track supplier commitments and be alerted to gaps between request and commit.
  • Streamline buyer review and approval of commitments.
  • Monitor supplier performance through dashboards and scorecards.
  • Synchronize purchase order and forecast changes with ERP.

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Better supplier collaboration will improve the flexibility of your supply chain and the profitability of your enterprise.



Work collaboratively with key suppliers to make faster, more cost effective decisions.


Reduce the “firefighting” to resolve supply chain risk issues in a timely manner that minimizes impacts to customers and the bottom line.


Achieve better long-term results with more productive supplier relationships.

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