Is Your Supply Planning Process Agile and Collaborative?

How Do You Ensure Continuous Demand, Supply and Capacity Alignment?

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Effectively aligning supply to demand has always been a challenge, but it has become an order of magnitude more difficult in recent years.

For many, demand is highly volatile and global supply is often constrained. Consequently, effectively aligning finished goods supply to the mid-long term consensus demand plan has become a critical business challenge.

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Typically done in the context of an S&OP cycle, planners are tasked with building a plan that accounts for the constraints at a high level and produces a viable reference point to be executed at the MPS planning level. 

Constrained Supply Plan

Plan supply at an aggregate level to align with the consensus demand plan, taking into account key material and capacity constraints.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

When elements of the supply plan cannot be supported, collaboration with other functional areas must take place to resolve issues. This collaboration must occur in the same system as where the supply plan is being managed so reconciliation happens both in context, and in harmony with the rest of the planning process.

Planning Across Hierarchies

Define and maintain the supply plan at multiple hierarchies to enable planning views from multiple perspectives, as well as to ensure the supply plan can be directly applied to, and used by, the MPS planning process.

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The RapidResponse® Aggregate Supply Planning application enables:

Identification of gaps between the consensus demand plan and the aggregate supply plan
See various proposed demand plans and review any gaps with the previously committed supply plan. Create various supply plan options to support the proposed demand plan(s).  Calculate the projected impact of proposed supply plan(s) on inventory levels (units and periods of coverage), as well as, projected late demands and late supplies by period (identifying the associated impact to revenue and margin).

Identification of excess or gating material and capacity
If used in conjunction with the RapidResponse Capacity Planning - Constraints application, identify key gating materials and capacity constraints and proactively involve the responsible parties at whatever level of the supply chain in an online collaboration event to resolve the issues. Use multi-scenario comparison capabilities to determine the impact of various supply plans on key corporate metrics.

Assumption management
Review, create, and modify assumptions associated with the creation of the supply plan for sharing with others.

Integration with inventory management process for inventory planning input and analysis
Use the inputs from the RapidResponse Inventory Management and Inventory Planning and Optimization applications to factor into the generation of an aggregate supply plan.

Integration with S&OP process for demand and supply rebalancing
Share and evaluate multiple aggregate supply plan scenarios with the S&OP team for evaluation in demand and supply rebalancing and S&OP approval processes.

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With the RapidResponse Aggregate Supply Planning application, you can perform supply planning in the same system as connected functions such as inventory planning, master production scheduling (MPS), capacity planning, and S&OP to ensure continuous alignment across planning processes. 



Quick evaluation of aggregate supply plan feasibility with respect to supply chain material and capacity constraints, including the facilitation of cross-functional collaboration.


Focused identification of gaps between consensus demand plan and aggregate supply plan.


Intelligent tradeoffs between supply, demand and inventory risks at product, regional and channel level.


More responsive, collaborative and profitable supply chain operations overall.

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