A nod to Supply Chain Insights

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It has been awhile since I had posted a blog and in today’s Twitter-centric world, my topic of the day is already old news for most as it happened two weeks ago.  Nevertheless, I thought I should send a delayed “shout out” to Lora Cecere for starting up her new research  firm, Supply Chain Insights. Now, normally if someone came up to me and asked if the world needed another analyst firm, my response would likely be lukewarm at best, but I think what Lora is embarking on is very important, and downright necessary, for three key reasons. First, so much industry coverage is based on driving efficiencies of existing processes.  Clearly, the efficiency game is essential and never ending, however I think Lora sets herself apart by always looking for new ways to do things, coming up with new processes to tackle new challenges.  I have always been a much bigger believer in focusing on effectiveness over efficiency and I expect Supply Chain Insights to spend a lot of time of this type of research. Second, the small and innovative software vendor needs a voice today more than ever.  They need press that they cannot afford to “buy”.  This is not a self-serving plug either as I think Kinaxis has clearly crossed the chasm to the pragmatic buyer (this does not mean that I ever think we will stop being “cool”).  All I am saying is that so much of the innovation in any capitalistic society comes from the entrepreneur … which brings me to my last reason. The world cannot have enough entrepreneurs.  Setting a BHAG and throwing your own funds, blood, sweat and tears behind something you really believe in is the cornerstone of business advancement.  I expect that this initiative will keep other analysts, customers and well, even software vendors on their toes. Now, as for achieving her very BHAG, only time will tell, but one thing I have never understood is taking strike three looking, instead of swinging for the fences.

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