Aerospace and defense supply chain success story: The ten-thousand foot view

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For our Friday case study series, we want to feature a couple of stories from our aerospace and defense customers. We know that in the A&D industry, not only is the supply chain complex, but so too are the products. A&D companies face low-volume, high-mix production, complex BOMs, and long lead times for parts — all of which makes on-time delivery to the customer ever challenging. These companies are feeling the pressure to streamline manufacturing and business processes in order to decrease unit cost of production. When it comes to reducing inventories and maximizing engineering resources, the stakes have never been higher. We want to share how these companies have turned to Kinaxis to help them face the challenges head on to and are seeing breakthroughs in operations performance as a result.

Aerospace and defense customer testimonials

"RapidResponse provides us with an abillty to determine cut-in dates on engineering changes, and obtain an enterprise-level capacity model.” Read more...
"RapidResponse provides faster visibility of data than what we have with SAP’s Business Information Warehouse (BW).” Read more...

Check out two aerospace and defense case studies


If you would like to check out other case studies similar to this one, visit our TechValidate page and you will find 28 cases studies, which you may browse by industry.

More about our supply chain survey

As you may have read in our first blog of the series, we completed a customer survey project with TechValidate and are very pleased with the over 150 survey responses and the many stories we can share. And so, for our Friday posts, we have been featuring the customer results on how they are using RapidResponse in their supply chain and the benefits they are realizing. Take a look at past topics we have explored in this series:

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If you are eager to check out all the results, simply go to our TechValidate page. If you wish to use or share any of the content we’ve published to-date, click on the asset you wish to use and then select the download button to save. You can also choose the share button to distribute through various social media channels. Happy Friday!

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