AI and humans: Planning supply chains together

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Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t just reserved for sci-fi movies anymore – supercomputers going rogue on humans and launching them into deep outer space. AI is creeping into our everyday lives – at work, home and play. Enterprises who are able to harness AI’s full potential will likely thrive into the future while those that don’t will be left behind. What will the rise of AI mean for the supply chain? Will AI assume full control while the human element is shown the exit? Quite the opposite. AI will play an important role in the planning process, but so will humans.

Yikes, information overload!

Today, we’re flooded with information coming at us from all directions and channels. The supply chain is no exception. Planners are bombarded with data and insights from a plethora of sources – the public domain, ERP systems, social media. Then there are the other things planners have to deal with such as demand spikes, shifting consumer preferences, changes in regulations and tariffs, and extreme weather events. It’s almost like we need a second brain to synchronize and process it all. That’s where AI comes in.

AI and humans living in perfect harmony?

The future of supply chain won’t be about AI replacing humans. It will be about machine-enabled intelligence augmenting human intelligence to help planners make more informed decisions faster and with more confidence. In a new webinar, Doug Henschen, VP and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research, and Harish Iyer, VP, Industry and Solutions Marketing, Kinaxis, explore:

  • Why the future of planning is not about humans vs. machines
  • The difference between assisted, augmented and autonomous intelligence
  • Where the ideal balance is between AI and human intelligence in planning

To learn more, tune into the on-demand recording and let us know what you think.




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