Are you talking about software or my ex?

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For most of us, we’ve endured at least one bad romantic relationship in our life. You know the one where you question how you got yourself in this predicament. Maybe the person was high maintenance, unable to deal with change, always kept you waiting, hard to communicate with, or took forever to do the simplest things? Can you relate? Well, those challenges don’t just apply to romantic relationships - they can just as easily apply to bad software. Much like a bad romance, bad software can leave you irritated, exhausted, and looking for the fastest way to ditch the baggage. It’s with this in mind that we’ve launched a new series of comedy videos—“New Kinexions”—that has some fun in drawing parallels between dysfunctional software and an annoying ex. New Kinexions is a 6-part comedy video series by Kinaxis that follows poor Sally Ann Perkins and Ari Cole as they get replaced by a new relationship….one that works! We’ll be posting one episode a week for six weeks in the Just for Laughs section of the Supply Chain Expert Community.  The first one was posted today! Also, we’ll be holding a contest for a new XBox 360 with Kinect. The winner will be the person who best completes this sentence: Bad software is like an annoying ex because… Visit the contest page for details and to enter. We hope you have a good laugh with these videos and join in on the fun with the contest!

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