Collapsing Time Between Planning and Execution Across the Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain, Webcast

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On Tuesday, December 11th 2012, 9:15am Eastern Time we will be hosting a live webcast with WTG and GT Nexus, entitiled, "Collapsing the time between Planning and Execution across the Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain".Speakers:

Andy Stinnes, EVP, Products and Strategy, GT Nexus Michael Smith, director of product marketing, Kinaxis

In this complimentary webcast viewers will hear how in an increasingly volatile supply chain environment, the ability to rapidly "sense and respond" is often the difference between profit and loss. And the need for rapid response extends far beyond the company's own four walls to all of its suppliers, customers, and service providers. In this session, Michael Smith and Andy Stinnes will introduce the strategic partnership between GT Nexus and Kinaxis to combine demand and supply planning with supply chain visibility and execution in order to deliver the industry's first cloud-based multi-enterprise rapid response solution.

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