George Jetson and the case for modern supply chain planning

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As a supply chain planner of a certain vintage, you remember The Jetsons and likely recall George working for Mr. Spacely at Spacely Space Sprockets. While we can't be sure what kind of supply chain planning system Mr. Spacely had in place to produce his sprockets, The Jetsons' well-documented ability to predict the future – from large format flatscreen televisions to video conferencing and robot vacuums – provides a key indicator. We're betting Mr. Spacely was all-in on taking a modern, collaborative approach to supply chain planning. How else would you explain such a short work week?

eBook reveals essentials for driving modern supply chain planning across your organization

In lieu of flying cars or automatic food dispensers (which would be a supply chain management case study on its own), we've put together an eBook that takes an honest look at the challenges of working in a siloed supply chain planning environment. The eBook highlights the benefits of concurrent planning and how it can help improve your supply chain's performance, resulting in more consistent, accurate and confident decision making. Sure, the result might not be a work week as short as the one George enjoyed, but concurrent planning is like having a heads up display for your supply chain, giving you the visibility you need to seamlessly plan scenarios across multiple time horizons, helping you improve performance and increase profitability. Regardless of your mode of transportation in 2019, moving to a collaborative, concurrent supply chain planning system will give you next-level visibility into your supply chain by connecting all of your data, people and the processes that currently lie outside traditional boundaries.

Propel yourself to a modern planning experience

Download ‘The path to modern supply chain planning’ to propel yourself away from those silos and leave the days of working in isolation toward your own goals, combing through endless rows of (outdated) data in Excel spreadsheets behind. For you, and your siloed supply chain, the future is now. If it helps, free to play the sound George's aerocar made in a loop as you read 'The path to modern supply chain planning.'





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