Global capacity management - a make or break competency for automotive manufacturers

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Today, Kinaxis is hosting an event in Dearborn for automotive supply chain and operations executives.  This forum will provide a practitioner's point of view of the process and technology aspects of managing global supply capacity across the multi-tiered supply chain. Yep, it's a hot topic right now. Global capacity planning and constraint management have become critical business competencies and the implications of not doing them well can be harsh.  In today’s world of constrained supply, automotive manufacturing executives need to make tough decisions about how scarce supply will be utilized. If they are not able to understand the tradeoffs involved in various supply allocation scenarios, the resulting decisions will be less than optimal at best, and significantly detrimental to the business at worst. Hence, there is an increased focus on how to get global capacity management right. Fittingly, Kinaxis has produced a whitepaper on this topic. The paper proposes:

  • an integrated approach to global capacity management that incorporates capacity planning, capacity monitoring, and constraint management to address both global and regional requirements
  • key characteristics of a global suppy chain planning, monitoring, and response platform that will enable this to be done effectively
For some good insights and recomendations, download it today


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