How to Use Intelligent Business Operations to Create Business Advantage: Complimentary Analyst Report Featured in Kinaxis Newsletter

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We recently produced a newsletter which includes complimentary access to a Gartner research report titled “Use Intelligent Business Operations to Create Business Advantage” (Sinur J., Schulte R., Gartner Research, 20 March 2013). In the report it states:

“Many business process directors are under pressure to help make the best possible process-related decisions to ensure desirable business outcomes, business differentiation and continuous innovation.”

One can argue that nowhere is this statement more true than in supply chain. Again, quoting from the report,

“IBO is an emerging style of business behavior that leverages analytics embedded in processes to support better decision making and improved knowledge worker collaboration. IBO-based processes are "smart" about the context in which they run, which is influenced by events external to the process.”

It requires no stretch of the imagination to understand the applicability and potential of Intelligent Business Operations (IBO) within supply chain management. We believe that IBO actually delivers the benefits as was originally promised by Supply Chain Event Management (SCEM). IBO incorporates many of the same concepts of SCEM but includes additional elements that address its shortcomings; namely, the distinct ability to determine an appropriate response to an event once notified of it. This newsletter

  • provides an understanding of the broader IBO trends and practices;
  • presents a supply chain context to the concept of IBO and the process transformation opportunities that can be achieved; and
  • outlines the necessary supporting technology capabilities, which ultimately requires one to look beyond the concepts found in traditional advanced planning systems (APS) and which we believe sets the RapidResponse architecture apart from other supply chain solutions in the effective application of IBO.

Download the newsletter here (a limited time offer).

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- July 24, 2013 at 6:53am
Creating IBO and applying them in business can be big step toward getting much success and increasing the effectiveness. By using IBO we can understand and monitor the fact in business at real time. Good post and thanks for sharing with us!!

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