Introducing our new video series, Big Ideas in Supply Chain

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We’re launching a new video series today called Big Ideas in Supply Chain. It’s our way of sharing the best solutions we’ve encountered in our work with thought leaders, customers and partners. Each video in this series focuses on a weighty issue in supply chain, like change management or risk recovery. But these videos aren't just an overview of common challenges — they have the potential to transform your work. We’ve surfaced the industry leaders with practical, innovative answers to seemingly unsolvable headaches. Then, we’ve asked them to go deep. They share tactical details, personal stories and lessons learned, so Kinaxis audiences can replicate their success and launch their own big ideas in supply chain. Our first Big Idea in Supply Chain is on managing supply chain transformations. Atul Tandon, a former SVP of Global Supply Chain at Mylan, takes a practical approach with a touch of fearlessness:

“Way back in my career, I stopped a transformation program and canceled a contract with a technology provider because I didn’t have the right team. And if you don’t have it, you’re starting off with a disaster on your hands.”

Big Ideas in Supply Chain: A practical approach to the digital supply chain video

Here he explains:

  • The culture, capabilities and capacities you need to begin a digital transformation
  • How to construct a new operating model to support your transformation
  • Ways to gain organizational buy-in before you invest in a new program or tech provider

Learn from his experiences at companies like Unilever, Diageo, and Bristol-Meyers-Squibb. Then watch the next video in our series, Big Ideas in Supply Chain: Risk recovery with RapidResponse®. Stay tuned for more! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get alerts when new videos are uploaded.

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