Is an Operations Control Tower the Next Phase of S&OP/IBP?

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/node/454Operations control tower is a topic that Trevor Miles, vice president of thought leadership, will tackle at the S&OP Innovation Summit, January 31 – February 1 at the Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas.

In addition to his session, Trevor will serve as the conference chairperson for Day 2 of the event, February 1. As the chairperson, he will introduce each speaker, lead the Q&A after each session, and comment on key highlights discussed. Session abstract:

S&OP or IBP is, by definition, multi-functional, with S&OP spanning Sales and Operations/Manufacturing, and IBP reaching further to include Finance. In reality, a mature S&OP process will also include Marketing, Engineering, and Procurement as a means to achieve effective coordination of business operations especially in ‘fruit fly’ markets such as High-Tech, where products are conceived, develop, mature, and die off all within a short period of time. This type of cross-functional process support is a key aspect of an Operations Control Tower, as is the ability to merge multiple planning horizons, including the medium term S&OP horizon. During the conference we invite you to stop by the Kinaxis booth #1 to meet with our experts and learn more about the Kinaxis RapidResponse advantage! Be sure to say hi to Bill DuBois as he interviews attendees for the Late Late Supply Chain Show. Also, make sure to follow the hashtag #SOPVGS on Twitter to get real-time updates from the event. For more information on the Sales & Operations Planning Innovation Summit, visit: Hope to see you in Vegas!

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- January 28, 2013 at 2:22am
Unfortunately I will not be in Vegas, but I'm definitely interested in how Trevor will tackle this topic.
I hope you publish this afterwards.

S&OP is about planning, control towers as the name suggests is about control.
There is no proper planning possible without controlling the plan.
Therefore S&OP would require control towers in environments where operational complexity demands for control towers.


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