It's Time to Embrace Volatility

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Just a quick post today to share a recent Industry Week whitepaper sponsored by Kinaxis titled “It’s Time to Embrace Volatility.” This paper is about how response management can help an organization embrace market volatility— or at least manage it —by becoming risk robust. You can get your own copy of the whitepaper here: Here’s a small abstract from the paper: “The ability of ever more sophisticated algorithms to make a perceptible improvement in supply chain performance is nearing its limit. In today’s volatile demand environment, response management solutions present a largely untapped opportunity to maximize profit potential by optimizing day-to-day execution. “ The paper also features response management case studies on Jabil and Aviat Networks. Here on the 21st Century Supply Chain Blog, we’re no strangers to volatility. In fact, we’ve been talking about embracing volatility for a while! Here are a couple of posts: VUCA, a useful acronym for today’s supply chain Embrace Complexity

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