Kinaxis in-memory computing technology takes another leap forward.

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The Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference continues today and we took the opportunity to announce the general availability of our RapidResponse Spring 2011 Release from the event. As our COO, John Sicard stated:

“With the increasing speed of business, no one can afford to wait to make a decision. Fast and confident action are the table stakes. That means you need to easily uncover areas of concern; do deep analysis; and turn decisions into action quickly. From a technology perspective, these needs translate directly to the areas of focus for this product release.”

In-Memory Computing Performance
  • RapidResponse now supports an order of magnitude more memory, supporting terabytes of data and faster performance of analytics.
  • The result is a very powerful analytic and reporting engine that can process millions of records of data and perform demanding calculations (such as constrained capacity planning, available to promise, clear to build, and many others) in seconds.

Watch this video from Luc Vezina, vice president of product marketing and product management at Kinaxis on In-Memory Computing Performance:

Advanced Data Visualization

  • Users are able to view and interact with data in RapidResponse like never before, with several significant enhancements to the product’s data visualization capabilities.
  • The jewel of the data visualization package is a powerful treemap chart that allows users to interpret especially large sets of data in one compact view to quickly locate outliers and areas of concern. This is particularly influential when analyzing gaps in sales and operations plan.

Closed-Loop Integration and Automation
  • Even tighter integration of RapidResponse with a company’s legacy enterprise environment is now possible through two-way, high-frequency updates of net changes between ERP and RapidResponse.
  • The improved integration to transactional systems ensures companies operating in multi-application environments can work in near real time.

For more information on the RapidResponse Spring 2011 Release, check out our feature highlights page.

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