Kinaxis newsletter featuring complimentary analyst report on S&OP maturity.

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Just a short post today to let you know what we recently developed a newsletter which includes complimentary access to a 13-page Gartner S&OP research report titled

“Sales and Operations Planning Maturity: What Does It Take to Get and Stay There?” (Jane Barrett, Michael Uskert, 1 November 2010). Companies with mature S&OP processes testify to the predictability and transparency it brings to the business. While neither the process nor this revelation is new, the fact is that two-thirds of businesses do not progress beyond the first two stages of Gartner’s 4-stage maturity model.  This complimentary Gartner research report provides recommendations for achieving higher stages of maturity, and highlights the benefits of doing so. Download the newsletter here. Is your company facing a growing urgency to derive greater value from your S&OP processes?  What are the steps you are taking in response?

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