My first 90 days – Day 4: The power of a single product

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Let me begin by introducing myself. My name is Kirk Munroe and I began my career at Kinaxis this week as vice president, marketing. One of the first projects that I am taking on in this new role is a blog called, " Kirk's First 90 Days at Kinaxis." I’ll be posting regularly on my blog, but every Friday I’ll be submitting one blog post from the week to this blog. Follow me as I jump feet first into my role and learn what Kinaxis, the people, and product are all about. Here’s my post from Day 4: The power of a single product Think about it. The power of a single product. Not a unified, fused together, platform. Not a suite of bundled up components — developed by many companies and sold under one brand. One single product. One instance of the data, one instance of business rules, one place for everyone to go in the organization. RapidResponse creates multiple, interlinked applications off a single instance of a single product. Why is this so important? Well, there is certainly some dissent about what the next big thing will be in the enterprise software space. However, almost everyone from consultants, analysts, software vendors, and the enterprises with real business pains, looking for breakthrough business results, will likely agree on a few common threads. Breaking down the silosbetween departments, functions and even between enterprisesis one key attribute. Another is linking together processes that have key dependencies on one another — key dependencies that have been mainly ignored until now because they are too hard to tie together. A single view of the business is another common thread. I could go on, but I think you get the point. Let's take a moment to think about these now. How can I realistically link people together if I have to stitch together several pieces of software whether they are linked together through a "platform" or no? How can I have process integration with many different process and rules engines? How can I have a single view of my business if the data is spread out everywhere? (Data warehouses are not the sole solution here — the problem is also about running scenarios and simulations for a single view of future state. Certainly something data warehouses are not up for today.) Again, not to bash other software vendors, and SAP certainly has their place in enterprise software, but they releasedsix new mobile applications this week. Six! Like it is something to be proud of. In the extreme, as a single "user", I might have to go to six different applications just on my iPad to work with SAP. One user — six apps. Draw me the line to single, integrated process and one view of the business from there. So, RapidResponse must be very innovative? Let's also step back from that statement. Innovative has a connotation of new and unproven for many people. If you associate those attributes to innovative, then no, frankly, RapidResponse WAS innovative many years ago — it has long been proven in production environments. If your definition of innovative is more like, "theonlyright product at the right time in the market", then pardon my language, but "Hell's Yeah!" As Doug Colbeth, our CEO, has said, "We are going to be the first really big software company that did it with ONE product!" Man, to be associated with this product and company is a blast. Before signing off, a comment on "First 90 days." It has become clear that the interpretation of first 90 days means a blog post everyday for 90 days to some people. This is not such a good idea for YOU the reader. Clearly, I am proving that I can knock out one of these a day as the WRITER. Look ahead to this weekend. Wait, first a digression. Earlier this year, I had the joy of playing a round of golf at TPC Boston. This prompted my Father's Day gift of family tickets for the Deutsche Bank Championship of the PGA Tour (and Fedex Cup) this weekend. I am looking forward to watching the pros add1500 yards and take 15 strokes off my experience. With this background, I am now off for four days. You don't want me blogging about me blogging about golf for four days and my family doesn't want me staring blankly at big drives and clutch putts thinking about the next PowerPoint deck that I have to put together. So, you get some break from me this weekend. Likely not ALL weekend. My blog posts might also lose some steam in September, but only because of the big things that we are announcing in October. It makes no sense to steal our own thunder. No fears though. I will still blog a lot in September and during the week of Kinexions and for the days and weeks after, expect the software version of War and Peace. 'til next time ... Kirk

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