My first 90 days - Day 51: Introducing RapidResponse Control Tower

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OK, now I can say it. I came to Kinaxis because I was suffering from a widespread and very serious condition – DPSS – disparate planning systems syndrome. The biggest problem with DPSS is that people don’t know that there is a cure. But there is! First, what are the symptoms of DPSS? The most obvious symptom is a planning system for every planning function: a supply planning tool, a demand planning tool, a salary planning tool, a headcount planning tool, financial planning and budgeting tool, etc… You get the point. Folks, it is planning! These discreet planning processes need to be pulled together. They all impact each other in significant ways. The other symptom, which may be even more serious, is that planning eventually needs to disintegrate into work. The best laid plans are out-of-date before … well … often before the planner hits “submit.” Disparate planning systems are disconnected from response management systems. When my business fluctuates from plan – and it will on a very frequent basis – I need to be able to able to model “what-if” scenarios in real-time to see the impact of my decisions before I make them. Demand and supply are in constant flux, and I am not talking about just supply and demand of parts and products. Supply and demand goes to cash, people, contractors, project resources, etc… these all change as a result of the economy, natural disasters, and more. Business is complex. Your planning, monitoring and response system cannot be. So, today we introduce the cure for DPSS. It is called RapidResponse Control Tower. It is a single product that is the answer to many business challenges. Most software companies don’t talk about “product.” That is a result of them having WAY too many of them. They talk solutions, systems, and platforms to hide this fact. Look at any of IBM Software Group, SAP, or Oracle - they have multiple planning products in multiple brands! We are proud that we have one product but it is also a solution and a system and a platform. One set of analytics, one instance of the data, and one place to go for “what-if” scenarios to better manage your business. RapidResponse Control Tower links several business processes to a company’s supply chain operations so teams can manage the cross-functional consequences of decisions with unprecedented speed and confidence. RapidResponse enables enterprises to do deep, forward-looking analysis and collaboratively study “what-if” planning and response scenarios across impacted areas including:

Is it now obvious why I am so excited to be here at Kinaxis!? til later today and Kinexions Day 2 wrap … Kirk

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