My first 90 days - Day 9: The importance of history

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Another great week - we're working on some really exciting stuff! Don't forget to check out my blog regularly to follow me during my first 90 days at Kinaxis. Here's a post from Day 9: Had a great conversation today with Duncan Klett, one of our founders and our current VP of Analytics. Duncan shared the story about working at Mitel in the mid-1980′s and how the MRP system they used took 40 hours or so to run one cycle.  The MRP would run the cycle over the weekend and they were only running off a weekly snapshot because of the time it took to do the necessary calculations.  Imagine the challenges if someone entered bad/incorrect data late on a Friday.  On Monday, the company would be faced with the decision of running with a view into the business that was almost two weeks old (the one run the previous weekend) or decide to shut down production for two days and wait for the MRP to run. Duncan, along with a small team, developed a solution to address the need to be more nimble in the manufacturing and supply chain process.  As hardware and software were much more closely coupled in those days, the solution was a piece of hardware that allowed the processing to occur 1000 times faster than the MRP system.  You can imagine the breakthroughs in how nimble the supply chain management became between MRP runs! Fast forward through over 25 years of technology development, the decoupling of software from hardware, the certification on IA64 almost ten years ago, through today’s software which scales to over 1 TB – in memory!  Combine this with the experience of helping hundreds of companies become more responsive in both the supply and demand sides of their supply chain, working both inside and outside the walls of their own enterprises, combining data and process from not only different sites, but different corporations and you have a solution in RapidResponse that is very unique.  These technology and business process advances, learning from both successes and stumbles, are a big part of what makes our secret sauce so special. It is easy to forget or disregard the past in the high tech, fast paced world in which we live, but the past is often the biggest factor in predicting the future.  Looking at our past, I am confidently predicting a very successful future, one that other companies are not going to be able to duplicate.
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