My First Quarter @ Kinaxis

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Manik Sharma recently joined Kinaxis as an Industry Principal. Prior to joining, he was with JDA/i2 where he spent over ten years in various solution selling and consulting positions. Manik brings over 15 years of industry experience and possess deep knowledge of supply chain management from years as a practitioner and consultant across a wide spectrum of manufacturing industries.
He holds a dual Masters degree in Engineering Mechanics and Information Science and loves to spend time with his kids. He is based out of Houston, Texas where he lives with his family.

We asked Manik how his first few months with Kinaxis were going. Here’s what he shared:

Day 1 - In the lobby, I am greeted at 7:00 am with the perfect smile which makes a day. This was Uriah, Manager of IT, who in an hour sets me up with the laptop, email and access to all the links I needed to be on. I then get into the training session on RapidResponse with four other new hires. At the end of the day, I am able to login and navigate RapidResponse. Amanda and Megan in HR do an awesome job in getting me introduced and set up with all the admin stuff. As I retired in my hotel room that evening - I thought and smiled "this is FAST, I will need to sprint to keep pace".

Week 1 - I am done with the first few manuals on RapidResponse. Aamer, my hiring manager, gets me introduced to the execs and the different teams I would be interacting with. The passion and excitement in each interaction reminded me of my professional years in 2000-2001. The session on “The history of Kinaxis” with the Duncan Klett was memorable.

The company in my view has broadly two groups of associates:

  • one who have worked for over a decade and absolutely love it
  • recent hires, few months to a year and feel this to be the best thing that happened.

It was clear, this is a company people love to work for and is now set for growth.

I stayed in Ottawa over the weekend and enjoyed my tour of the city, the parliament and museums. My hotel room was overlooking the Supreme Court and the Ottawa River providing an immaculate view. I promised my family a trip to Ottawa.

Month 1 - Equally split between Kanata and my home office. I spent time on more learning of the technology, working with account teams preparing for customer meetings. My thoughts about Kinaxis as a company and the technology of RapidResponse – the drivers for me as I switched jobs after 12 years, were thoroughly validated. I mentally was fully on-board.

At a birthday party I saw my kids help a 3 yr old for whom Kinaxis became a tongue twister with what they are so familiar with,  “K’NEX + is”.

Quarter 1 - All comes together as I stand in front of prospects sharing the vision and theme of RapidResponse and Control tower. Each meeting was an acknowledgment of the differentiation Kinaxis provided to the supply chain world. It's appropriateness to the times where global business models living in fragile economic conditions, not only require visibility but responsiveness. This Paradigm shift dawns the new era in supply chain and positions companies to run what they had been hearing for a long time on Real-time Integrated Business Planning.

I feel this excitement, energy and the power to make a difference similar to what it was in the late 1990s and 2000s with i2 Technologies, leading the market, and I being a part of this from its Chicago Office. Co-incidentally, last weekend my wife tells me “These days you remind me of when we were in Chicago. Seems work is good." It all shows up in our personal lives.


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