New S&OP E-book: Four ways to make S&OP the GPS system for your business.

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We recently completed an e-book called “S&OP in the 21st century: Your system for navigating the modern business landscape.” It’s a great reso

urce for those who want an overview of what an advanced S&OP process should look like and what it takes to get there. Flip through the pages to get a quick outline of the modern-day challenges, benefits, tips, and best practices for S&OP. If you want to dive deeper on any one topic, there are a multitude of links for you to access further resources such as blogs, surveys, research reports, and white papers. And of course, we added some lighter content just for laughs. What is covered in the e-book? What is Sales and Operations Planning?

  • The Ingredients of S&OP
  • Why Bother with S&OP?
  • Where Does Your Company Sit on the Maturity Curve?
  • The Four Dimensions of Change
Do You Need Technology? What Kind of Technology?
  • What’s Wrong With Excel?
  • What About ERP?
  • Are Legacy Apps Yesterday’s News?
Four Keys to S&OP Effectiveness.
  • East-West Integration: Demand + Supply
  • North-South Integration: on: Finance + Operations
  • Tying Together Volume and Mix Plans
  • S&OP On Demand, Not Only on Schedule
  • The Rise of Integrated Business Planning
The Technology You Need for Success.
  • A Single Data Model Goes Deep and Broad
  • “What-If” Is Vital
  • Collaboration is the Bedrock
  • Dashboards and Scorecards Keep Track
  • Moving Up the Maturity Model Staircase

your copy today and stay tuned for future posts on the S&OP e-book!

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