On Demand Webcast: Concept, Components and Consequences of Control Towers

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Kinaxis recently had the pleasure of participating in IEG’s recent Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) conference in Seattle. WA.

  Control Towers   Kirk Munroe, Kinaxis vice president of product, spoke on the topic of “Concept, Components and Consequences of Control Towers” and we were lucky enough to record his presentation.   The recorded presentation is now available. (The slide deck is also available for download)   In the presentation you will hear: How companies respond to change is where profit can be made or lost. Success depends not only on how fast manufacturers can act, but the effectiveness of the decisions they make. Hear how companies are extending their S&OP process into an enterprise control tower model to impact how they synchronize their actions across several tiers of the extended value chain to respond quickly and profitably to customer demand.      


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