On Demand Webcast: The Promise and Value of an Operational Control Tower

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Last week, Kinaxis participated in a webcast presentation on the topic of “The Promise and Value of an Operational Control Tower”.

We were delighted to have Roddy Martin, a renowned supply chain thought leader share his views on the topic, along with long-time Kinaxis thought leader, Trevor Miles. The recorded presentation is now available. (The slide deck is also available for download) So, why all the talk about supply chain control towers? The abstract to the webcast explains… Disparate planning and performance management tools are no longer the answer (were they ever?). Executives need a 360-degree view of their business and real-time predictive analytics to maximize opportunities and to reduce risk. To achieve this organizations need "what-if" analysis capabilities that rapidly turn visibility into action across multiple functions and even across multi-tier supply chains. This is the value of the control tower proposition.

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