[On-Demand Webinar] Architecting Intelligent Supply Chains

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On Demand Webinar Architecting Intelligent Supply Chains

If you’re reading this, it’s highly likely you’re living the supply chain life. And if you’re living the supply chain life, it’s likely that you have come to the same realization we have – that operating a supply chain ‘as usual’ isn’t cutting it anymore. That’s because business as usual simply isn’t as usual as it used to be. With constant global volatility impacting the sourcing and delivery of product to your customers, something has got to give.

Supply chains have to evolve to something better, to something different – into more intelligent supply chains. We don’t blame you if it sounds like nothing more than a never to be realized futuristic supply chain utopia. We expected to be driving our supply chain flying car by now too.

With that in mind Ashoo Bhatti, Supply Chain & Operations Principal Directory at Accenture and Harish Iyer, VP, Industry and Solutions Marketing at Kinaxis sat down to define and discuss the benefits of moving to an intelligent supply chain. To thrive into the future, businesses must adopt a mindset that encourages and embraces continuous innovation. It’s the only way to move with greater speed and build competitive advantage – harnessing the power of disruptive technologies to exceed ever-changing customer needs while still turning a profit.

In the on-demand webinar “Architecting Intelligent Supply Chains,” Harish and Ashoo provide real-world examples of how companies are putting intelligent supply chains in play, and detail what you need to do now to make them a reality for your business.

Watch now button for the webinar:  Architecting Intelligent Supply Chains


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