Our Bags Are Packed! And We Are Headed to Automotive Logistics Global

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Next week we’ll be heading to Bonn, Germany for the Automotive Logistics Global conference, which will be held March 12–14, 2013.

On Wednesday, March 13th at 14:00, Aamer Rehman, vice-president of industry strategy and solutions at Kinaxis, and recent honoree of the 13th annual Supply & Demand Chain Executive “Pros to Know”, as he reveals his vision of “Supply Chain Trends, Challenges and Focus for Automotive.” Event Details: Today's supply chains are being transformed as the European market

goes through dramatic changes. Plant closures along with falling demand across southern Europe are mixed with firm and even growing production in countries like Germany and the UK. The market is changing with the relative success of different OEMs and of different vehicle types. All this means that engineering the right network - and executing against it - are critical for profitability. Nowhere is there a more significant meeting of the executives who make the network decisions than at the Automotive Logistics Europe conference. If you’re headed to the conference, we invite you to stop by the Kinaxis booth #16.
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