Sept. 12th Webcast: “The New Brushstrokes of Supply Chain Planning”

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I’m really excited to tell you about an upcoming webcast hosted by IE Group “The New Brushstrokes of Supply Chain Planning”. The presenters include Lora Cecere, Founder, Supply Chain Insights and Trevor Miles, vice president, thought leadership, Kinaxis The New Brushstrokes of Supply Chain Planning September 12, 2012 10am PST/ 1pm EST/ 6pm GMT Full details below – register today – less than a day away! Empowering Supply Chain Leaders to Paint Outside Traditional Lines Years ago, in an attempt to explain supply chain planning to the potential buyer as well as to identify and rate technology vendors, the analyst community went to work creating supply chain application areas, defining taxonomies, outlining frameworks… The intent was to provide order and clarity; but what was built ten or more years ago, while still widely used, is far too confining. There is no room for innovation when you are trying to stay within a box. In this webcast, Lora Cecere —long-time analyst and recent founder of Supply Chain Insights — will outline eight market shifts that are moving us away from the traditional view of supply chain management. Supply chain planning is being redefined. The business problem has changed. And new technologies can enable modern approaches that will:

    • leverage redefined architectures, new forms of analytics and emerging applications;
    • support processes that are constructed from the customer back to the enterprise’s supply chain, and importantly;
    • focus on value-based outcomes.

    Join this webcast to understand how and why Lora is challenging the hard and fast lines that defined the traditional functional buyer of enterprise applications. And most notably, learn where Lora thinks we should all be painting next. Registration:  

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