Supply chain is a household name

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Listen to episode two of Big Ideas in Supply Chain, "Supply chain is a household name." It's no secret that the way we shop has drastically changed in the age of COVID-19. In episode two of our new podcast, Big Ideas in Supply Chain, we host Senior Manager of Industry & Solutions Marketing Alison Crawford to get a better understanding of the impact of the pandemic’s disruption to the consumer products supply chain. From the long-term effects of toilet paper hoarding and sharp declines in retail revenue to major growth in home improvement, liquor sales and e-commerce, supply chain issues that were once the concern of business leaders are now on the minds of consumers everywhere.

Did you miss our last episode?

In that recording, Anne Robinson, Chief Strategy Officer at Kinaxis, interviews John La Bouff of Spinnaker about how companies can take a deliberate approach to digital transformation without lifting and shifting past habits onto new processes and technologies. You can stream the entire episode, "Creating a digital transformation blueprint," here or jump to specific sections using the timestamped links in this blog post.

We'll continue adding new episodes throughout the year, so stay tuned!

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