The three C's of S&OP

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Last month, Aamer Rehman, vice president, manufacturing solutions here at Kinaxis, presented at the Sales & Operations Planning Innovation Summit in Las Vegas.  That session, “Continuous Sales & Operations Planning for the Manufacturing Sector,” is now available for viewing on-demand. S&OP, by its very nature and purpose is a cross-functional activity.  Yet the multiple functions in support of  S&OP have long been segmented into different isolated activities that reflect organizational structures and functional goals. This leads to long, ineffective, and inefficient planning cycles that drive less than maximized value for the organization as a whole.

In his presentation, Aamer talks about the technology and process requirements to achieve a continuous,  connected and truly collaborative S&OP capability. The presentation gives a good overview of the Kinaxis perspective and position on what S&OP can and should be.

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