Too Much Information? Not a Problem for Dow AgroSciences - SupplyChainBrain & Kinaxis Video Series

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SupplyChainBrain attended our annual Kinexions user conference, and while there, they completed a number of customer video interviews.

In this interview, hear how fundamental shifts in supply chain management have significantly altered the planning paradigm. JP Swanson, global supply chain analyst with Dow AgroSciences, talks about how his company has adapted to the change, and improved planning across multiple levels of its supply network.

The need for agility was the driving force behind a change in the supply chain planning paradigm at Dow AgroSciences. “It’s a big challenge being able to react,” says Swanson, “having enough inventory close to the customer and getting it to him within 48 hours.” One of the company’s major concerns is dealing with the silos of information that exist within its complex supply chain. Dow AgroSciences has transitioned from multiple instances of an SAP enterprise resource planning system to an integrated application and one dataset. In implementing the RapidResponse application from Kinaxis, Dow AgroSciences sought to get all of its data into one place. As a result, it’s able to identify capacity gaps over the next five years. “It gave us time to react – to weigh cost against potential lost revenue,” Swanson says. Watch now: Too Much Information? Not a Problem for Dow AgroSciences

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