Top 10 Reasons My Dad is Happy I’m in Supply Chain

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When I told my dad I was going into supply chain, he grudgingly said, “That’s nice son,” and then whispered into my mom’s ear, “He’s not moving back in with us.” Well I think he finally came around after I moved all my stuff out of the house. Here are the top 10 reasons he was eventually happy I went into supply chain: 10. He doesn’t have to listen to me try to sing my way into the music business. 9. I could never be a doctor, I pass out at the sight of blood. 8. When I said I wanted to get into professional sports he said, “that’s fine son but I don’t think water boys make that much. 7. I wanted to be an inventor, but he didn’t like my solar powered night vision goggles idea. 6. He told me not to quit my day job when I practiced my standup comedy routine on him. 5. My dad recommended I work on stage design for the school play so acting was out. 4. Truck or a bus driver wasn’t going to work out. On family trips, I was asleep before we got out of the driveway. 3. Politician. Say no more. 2. He thought I’d drink the profits if I opened my own micro-brewery. 1. Whenever he gets a package delivered on time, he thinks I did that. And with that, happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there! You can thank your friendly neighborhood supply chain for all those deliveries that are on time.

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