Top 10 Reasons Why My Spouse Is Better Than My Supply Chain

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My wife and I were discussing some of the recent blog posts on the 21st Century Supply Chain, and although she agreed with Andy’s blog, “Supply Chain Isn’t Sexy,” she completely disagreed with the Top Ten Reasons Why Supply Chains Are Better than Sex. As a result, I came up with the…supply chain

Top 10 Reasons Why My Spouse Is Better Than My Supply Chain:

10. If a supply chain is having a problem, it won’t call another supply chain to help solve it. 9. Your supply chain doesn’t know where you put the remote. 8. Supply chains don’t pretend to be happy. 7. No matter how good your supply chain is, it will never have breakfast and a paper ready for you on Sunday morning. 6. Supply chain software is still more expensive than diamonds. 5. A forecast is usually wrong, my wife is usually right. 4. My supply chain doesn’t know what kind of beer I drink. 3. When I’m late, my supply chain doesn’t forgive me. 2. My supply chain doesn’t rub my shoulders when my hockey team loses a Stanley Cup playoff game. 1. My supply chain won’t call my mom when I’m sick. Do you have any reasons to add to the list? Share them in the comments! And be sure to check out some more supply chain comedy on the “Just for Laughs” section of the Supply Chain Expert Community!

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