Top 10 Reasons Why Supply Chains Are Better Than Sex

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We're pushing the boundaries a little today in the interest of some Friday fun (we hope that you read it with the same approach to levity with which it was written). Our resident funnyman Bill DuBois is back with another one of his buzz-worthy top-10 lists:

I read Andy Zeitz’s Supply Chain Isn’t Sexy blog, and although it was an interesting post, I didn’t fully agree with it. Here is why…supply chain

Top 10 Reasons Why Supply Chains Are Better Than Sex:

10. Supply chains don’t care if you're 60 or 20. 9. Supply chains don't keep your neighbors awake. (Unless your neighbor is a supply planner…) 8. Your boss wants to hear about your supply chain performance. 7. You can ask a stranger for supply chain software without getting your face slapped. 6. The word "commitment" doesn't scare off supply chain. 5. You can tell everyone how good your supply chain is. 4. You don’t have to cuddle after your product is delivered. 3.  Asking people what’s wrong with your supply chain is not as embarrassing. 2. Nobody cares if you dump your old supply chain software for a newer solution. 1. With supply chains, faster is better. Check out some more supply chain comedy on the "Just for Laughs" section of the Supply Chain Expert Community!

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