Top 10 ways to make manufacturing sexy

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There is an interesting post on the Lean Six Sigma LinkedIn Group titled “How Can We Make Manufacturing Sexy Again?” started by Karin Lindner. Some may say that manufacturing was never sexy but Karin does a great job explaining what’s behind the question and why we would want to answer this. I think it goes for all of supply chain that getting our youth excited about all things manufacturing and supply chain will secure its future in North America.

There were many great posts, but of course I couldn’t resist the opportunity for a top ten list!

  1. MTV Cribs Show – Manufacturing Edition (What better way to promote those 5S programs?)
  2. The Annual Manufacturing Awards Show, The Leanies…and the winner in the best set up reduction program in a job shop environment goes to…?
  3. More Commercials. “I’m a material planner, and this is my Supply Chain!”
  4. The 2010 Manufacturing Calendar – Swimsuit Edition
  5. Paint those NC machines the color of your town’s top sports teams. Philadelphia Flyers orange is always a good bet.
  6. Are you delivering product on time? Well, let your customer know by including a balloon-o-gram…ok, that’s not sexy, just annoying.
  7. Get Carrie Underwood to sing the anthem before the start of each shift.
  8. Manufacturing Tours, Universal Studio style. (This was actually taken from a serious suggestion and a great one at that. What better way to get youth exposed to manufacturing, lean and supply chain?)
  9. Suggestion from Erik Fuessel, remake Justin Timberlake's “Bringing Sexy Back”…to manufacturing!
  10. Missing delivery or revenue target? Into the dunk tank you go…

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