Top ten reasons your holiday gift will arrive late...

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From everyone at Kinaxis, we wish you a happy holiday season and all the best in 2011! It wouldn't be like us to wish you a happy holiday without including some supply chain humor, so from the Late Late Supply Chain Show, here are the...

Top Ten Reasons Your Holiday Gift Will Arrive Late:

10. Santa made a tactical error in choosing a “fly by night” 3PL instead of his usual crew of reindeer.

9. Santa refused to go through the body scanner and the TSA is still patting him down (he’s a big guy you know…)

8. Santa outsourced to China and lead-times have ballooned – it’ll be a ‘Christmas in July’ scenario for many!

7. Global warming has advanced to the point that the North Pole melted.

6. Pixie dust is on allocation.

5. The fireplace in Santa’s North Pole residence was mistakenly filled with Kindles instead of kindling.

4. Santa’s visibility only extends to the bottom of his eggnog glass.

3. Santa bought SAP…and is still implementing.

2. The “naughty” and “nice” data fell into an Excel abyss. Guess which list you ended up on?

1. Santa told key members of his manufacturing team, “Go elf yourself."

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