Top ten signs your S&OP process is in trouble - a little supply chain humor

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There seems to be a great deal of content posted recently on the subject of S&OP.  Analysts are writing about it, providing great information on where Sales and Operations Planning has been and where it is heading. There have been conferences which have been very well attended. This kind of activity indicates that there is a real need and market for improving the Sales and Operations Planning process. Does your S&OP process need improvement? Here are some signs that all may not be well in your S&OP world.

  1. Your CEO pronounces it Sales and Oooops!
  2. Your VP of Manufacturing calls it Sales OR Operations Planning, but not both.
  3. The S&OP team is proud they reduced their monthly S&OP process cycle time down to 6 weeks? (This one is true, sorry if I offended anyone)
  4. The S&OP team is asking why they have to go through the process again; they just did it last year?
  5. You are celebrating the first time your forecast accuracy has hit double digits.
  6. Your Director of IT is extremely excited about the new S&OP tool just purchased, it’s called Excel.
  7. Operations can’t support all sales so you hold “tribal council” to vote off the customers that will not get their orders.
  8. Who needs S&OP when you built up all that inventory during the recession?
  9. You’ve just hired Zelda, an online Psychic as your S&OP consultant.
  10. You’ve come up with a new, more descriptive acronym for S&OP; 3M, Misalignment Management Meeting.

Any more suggestions?

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