Voice of the Customer: 70% surveyed improved response rates by 60% or more!

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As described in our first blog of the series, we recently completed a customer survey project with TechValidate and are very pleased with the response rates over 150 survey responses and the many stories we can share. And so, every Friday for the next few weeks, we will feature different customer results.

In this series, we will explore the following topics: Voice of the customer part 1: Supply Chain Flexibility Voice of the customer part 2: Supply Chain Visibility Voice of the customer part 3: Supply Chain Planning Voice of the customer part 4: What-if Analysis Voice of the customer Part 5: Response Management Voice of the customer part 6: Alternative Technologies Voice of the customer part 7: Competitive Advantage If you are eager to check out all the results, simply go to our TechValidate page. If you wish to use or share any of the content we’ve published to-date, click on the asset you wish to use and then select the download button to save. You can also choose the share button to distribute through various social media channels. Next up, response management. We asked our customers how response rates had improved since implementing RapidResponse. As you can see from some of the responses we've captured below, customers have seen "exceptional" improvements in their supply chain. RapidResponse powers rapid planning and responses in their organization. Customers know the impact of simulated changes in seconds without having to rely on custom applications and reports; the result is instant impact analysis and the ability to identify the full impact of supply chain management decisions prior to execution.


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