VoC Part 3: 94% surveyed use Kinaxis to improve planning cycles with significant results!

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As described in our first blog of the series, we completed a customer survey project with TechValidate and are very pleased with over 150 survey responses and the many stories we can share.

And so, every Friday for the next few weeks, we will feature different customer results.

In this series, we will explore the following topics: Voice of the customer part 1: Supply Chain Flexibility Voice of the customer part 2: Supply Chain Visibility Voice of the customer part 3: Supply Chain Planning Voice of the customer part 4: What-if Analysis Voice of the customer Part 5: Response Management Voice of the customer part 6: Alternative Technologies Voice of the customer part 7: Competitive Advantage If you are eager to check out all the results, simply go to our TechValidate page. If you wish to use or share any of the content we’ve published to-date, click on the asset you wish to use and then select the download button to save. You can also choose the share button to distribute through various social media channels. Next up, supply chain planning - we asked our customers if they were using RapidResponse for planning and what results were realized. As you can see, our customers are seeing significant improvements in their operations.
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Chris PC
- June 11, 2013 at 7:41am
Any feedback on SCM integration cross-boundaries ? I mean how to share data between partners at a faster pace...
Melissa Clow
- June 11, 2013 at 10:49am
Thanks for the question, Chris. For this survey, we didn’t ask our customers about SCM integration cross boundaries, though that’s a good one to consider for our next questionnaire as it is certainly a customer use/benefit of RapidResponse. The notion of data sharing and collaboration with external partners is a topic we discuss often, both from a business process and technology perspective. Here are some resources that may be of interest:

Blog Posts
…This is where the need for the “Real-Time Information” layer comes into play. For far too long we have tried to enable this layer with email and Excel, a clear indication that our core transactional layer is not satisfying this need. But as I stated before, the dominant mechanism of moving data between functions and organizations is still overnight (at best) EDI between ERP systems. The use of email and Excel is merely a mechanism used to try to overcome the limitations of operating an end-to-end supply chain with cascaded EDI transfers….

…All too often what we see as progress in collaboration is an exchange of data, perhaps on a more frequent basis, using EDI, when really collaboration is about working together to achieve a shared objective….

Kinaxis Customer Case Study
…Agilent began a supply chain improvement program which included the creation of a vertically integrated planning process that would consolidate all of its different MRP and those of its CMs, to create a single plan (via BOM integration) with minimal data latency…

Kinaxis and GT Nexus joint webcast
…Webcast discusses how organizations are dealing with the multi-enterprise reality in their supply chain…

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