What do you look for when selecting an S&OP system?

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Now that's a question I bet a lot of people would like some insight on!  A new report entitled "How to Select a Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) System," published by Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC), is now available. In this report, TEC analysts,  P.J. Jakovljevic and Khudsiya Quadri, provide key pointers on selecting a sales and operations planning (S&OP) system, by exploring

  • how a mature S&OP process can help tackle key business issues,
  • why technology is required for success on the S&OP front, and
  • key S&OP system capabilities to look for.

(full disclosure: we were a sponsor of the report)

While we are on the topic of S&OP....  Trevor Miles is currently at the IE Group's Sales and Operations Planning Summit and is tweeting - he has some interesting insights.  Follow Trevor to see more.

trevormiles: Symbolic that at a conference FP&A and S&OP tracks are in adjacent but separate rooms with no overlap in sessions. Got to change #S&OP #SCM Original Tweet: http://twitter.com/trevormiles/statuses/24092101469 trevormiles: #SCM I get it that S&OP is about process first.  But would you plow a field with a horse so you don't need to learn to drive a tractor? Original Tweet: http://twitter.com/trevormiles/statuses/24091573497

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