What S&OP capabilities matter most?

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That's a good question isn't it?  Well, that's the topic of our upcoming webcast presentation with Lora Cecere, Partner with Altimeter Group.  


All the details below! What S&OP Capabilities Matter Most? An Overview of User Requirements and Technology Offerings Date: June 29, 2010 Time: 1:00 p.m. EST Hear first-hand some key findings from the Sales and Operations Planning Report publishing this month by Lora Cecere of Altimeter Group. Based on her recent research, Lora outlines key user requirements for S&OP technologies. Lora answers the question of what's needed and what's available in S&OP offerings today. As S&OP grows in significance, companies are redefining S&OP and the supporting technological requirements. While the field evolves, everyone has a slightly different take of what the future state of S&OP maturity will look like. Learn the points of differentiation companies like Kinaxis are putting forward. P R E S E N T E R S Lora Cecere, partner, Altimeter Group Trevor Miles, director, industry and applications marketing.

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