Who are the Kinaxis bloggers? 5 questions with Bill Dubois

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Closing out our “behind the blogger” series, here is the last of our Friday five-question interviews - this time with Bill Dubo

is, business consultant for Kinaxis, and host of the Late Late Supply Chain Show. Where did you grow up? Born in Philadelphia, raised just outside Ottawa in a town called Arnprior, still growing up. Favorite book, movie or song? Eat, Pray, Love. Oh, the question is favorite book, I thought it was three things you try and do every day! Too many books, movies and songs to list to pick a favorite, but one movie line comes to mind. My children gave me the “Batman Begins” DVD. There is a scene where Bruce and Alfred decide to “order components” for the bat suit. Alfred suggests ordering 10,000 pieces as not to draw suspicion. Obviously Alfred had never worked in sales. Sales never questions the order, they just take it. What’s your favorite motivational quote (and when/how you came across it)? I love motivational quotes and analogies, again there are almost too many to list. I would buy Reader’s Digest just to see the “Quotable Quotes” page and regularly check out a site called ThinkExist.com that is all about quotes. However this one has stuck with me for awhile. Back in my early manufacturing days I was part of a new Lean Implementation and one of the directors at that time handed motivational cards to each team member. Mine had a picture of a huge breaking wave on the front and the caption read,

“You become successful the moment you start moving towards a worthwhile goal.”

Our goal was to make the best product faster and cheaper than anyone else in the world, and during that “movement” we learned a ton of lessons, discovered many best practices and ultimately created something every team member was proud of. I still keep that card hanging by my desk today. What book are you reading now?Difficult Discussions.” I wish I had read this back in the day when I had to tell customers they were not going to get what they wanted when they wanted it!  What single piece of counsel would you offer to your colleagues in supply chain for the remainder of 2010? Here is another question that offers an opportunity to use a quotable quote, this one from Henry Ford, “If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said, ‘faster horses.’” When embarking on improvement activities, regardless of where they are in the supply chain, don’t settle for a “faster horse.” Seek out best practices, ask “what if?” often and network with your peers in supply chain and lean groups to share ideas.

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