Will you point out the elephant in the room?

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What elephant?  Ah, let me tell you… Our “Suitemates” video series (the third episode came out today by the way) highlights an untold truth: the ERP SCM suites

paradigm is irreparably flawed.  Just look at the millions upon millions of dollars invested in failed deployments. The truth is known by many… but publicly declared by few. With “Suitemates”, we're pointing out the elephant in the room — and you can too!  There are several elephants subtly placed throughout the scenes of the six videos.  Not real ones…maybe it’s a picture….maybe it’s a statue….maybe it’s….well, I don’t want to give it away. If you find them all, you can win an Apple iPad!  You have to keep your eyes peeled because these elephants are far more difficult to spot than the obvious one that's been stomping all over businesses for years. Find out more about the contest on suitemates.com.   C’mon call out the elephant!

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