'Win the Moment' at Kinexions '19

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"Delay of supply chain, that's a penalty. Roughing the supplier, that's two minutes. Excessive use of inventory, you're out of the game!" As you'll find out in the video below, egregious supply chain planning tactics do not go unpenalized under my watchful eye. But the truth is, in my role as a supply chain referee, I don't want to put anyone in the supply chain sin bin. In fact, it's my job at Kinexions '19 to help keep you out of the box and on the supply chain ice where you're most valuable to your organization. Find out how you can keep a clean sheet by registering to join us at Kinexions '19. I guarantee you'll learn how to avoid the kinds of infractions that can leave your supply chain shorthanded.

Supply chain planning as competitive sport at Kinexions '19

After all, supply chain planning is a competitive sport, one that demands quick, accurate decision making, discipline, and attention to detail to win the moment. And like any professional athlete, you need to look for every possible edge to gain advantage over your competitors. Just like the New England Patriots, your supply chain takes "no days off."  That's why we're building an agenda filled with difference making content that's designed to inspire you to take your operation to new heights. At Kinexion's '19, you will soak in fresh strategies and success stories from industry leaders who will inspire you to take your supply chain planning game up a notch, and you'll have the unique opportunity to tap into next-level training to ensure the supply chain planning muscles you use 24 hours a day, 365 days a year are in top condition.

P.S. Stay tuned as we announce our keynote speakers and add even more winning track content in the weeks to come!

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