Performing What-if Analysis on Your Supply Chain Has Never Been Easier or Faster

Simulate Anything, Anytime...with Unparalleled Speed

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Our patented what-if analysis technology lets you model your entire data environment in seconds, regardless of its size.

This rapid scenario analysis capability enables you to instantly model and understand the impact of a change on operations. Teams across the organization can collaborate on multiple "what-if" action alternatives to make quick and informed decisions.

Unlike other solutions, RapidResponse® supports the simulation of virtually anything—supply change, demand change, BOM change, business policy change, capacity change, pricing change, and the list goes on.

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In RapidResponse:

  • Each scenario appears as a separate instance of the entire dataset (master data, BOM’s, inventory, WIP, supply demand, order policies, part sources, capacity constraints, etc).
  • You perform what-if analysis by creating scenarios and modifying the data in them to simulate a change.
  • Changes made in one scenario do not impact the data of record, nor any other scenarios. Scenarios can be private, or shared with teams.
  • Scenarios can be evaluated against each other and against key metrics. Each party can review results and commit their best scenario.
  • The impact of a change is measured by automatically calculating impacts across site boundaries, and down to the lowest level of detail.
  • You are not limited, from a technology perspective, to what you can change—whether that is a change in data, working assumptions or business rules.
  • Scenarios persist for as long as you wish them to (days, weeks, months, years) even after new data is updated in the system. This scenario archiving is extremely useful for retaining an audit of the state of your supply chain at specific points in time.
  • You can also record and publish best practices for specific situations.

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RapidResponse what-if analysis is ideal for supporting a large and diverse community of business roles and processes.


Embedded in the RapidResponse in-memory computing engine are sophisticated supply chain analytics that can perform demanding calculations in seconds, so scenario simulations can produce instant results.

Unlimited and Concurrent

Thousands of simulations can be supported concurrently within a single instance of RapidResponse. Because it's fast and easy, the capability can be leveraged fully and often, unlike advanced supply chain planning systems where computing power must be rationed, scenario parameters are limited and collaboration is not built-in.

Compared and Contrasted

You can test multiple scenarios and compare them to each other or to a baseline. You can project the impact of various "what-if" alternatives and evaluate their achievement against relevant operations performance metrics so you are choosing objectively among a full range of options.

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Ultimately, it all comes down to making better decisions faster.



Take action with a full and detailed understanding of the projected impact, not just an aggregated assumption.


Make decisions in complete consideration of other available alternatives.


Analyze events and activities with greater speed and accuracy, which will drive down planning cycles and improve customer response times and service levels.

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