Master Production Scheduling

Master your schedule even when it’s constantly changing.

Make continuous demand, supply and capacity alignment a reality

Manage supply to meet expected demand. Respect material and capacity constraints. And while you’re at it, make sure to hit the desired finished goods inventory targets, too. Master schedulers definitely have their hands full – especially when all the variables are subject to change.

Strike the optimal balance with master production scheduling

Kinaxis Master Production Scheduling helps master schedulers balance demand, supply and capacity continuously to meet critical operational goals. It allows for quick, easy management of supply and demand in finely managed alignment on a weekly, daily and near real-time basis.

Improved outcomes for your business

  • Speed up planning with an exception-based review that highlights any misalignments between the master production schedule and materials or capacity schedules
  • Quickly discover who’s responsible for exception-causing items and collaborate with the right people to break through to a solution 
  • Simulate and understand trade-offs between various schedule options at both the functional and strategic levels

Workflow Process Components

While every company’s supply chain is unique, certain best practices still apply. Our workflow process templates help you get started fast, while offering the flexibility and personalization you need to meet your goals.

Master Product Process


Reduced cycle time by 50%

RapidResponse has reduced the cycle time for producing a supply plan for operations by half, while allowing for greater supply/operational plan accuracy.

IT Systems Analyst, Large Enterprise Telecommunications Company
Fulfill complex reporting needs

RapidResponse helps our operations team easily and accurately identify buildable orders. We often use it to identify short-term shortages, project E&O, fulfill complex reporting needs and meet unique planning requirements that would require tremendous effort in a traditional ERP system.

IT Professional, Large Enterprise Electronics Company

What’s next on your supply chain journey?

You can achieve significant added benefits by using Kinaxis Master Production Scheduling with one or more related solutions to ensure synchronization across planning processes.

Organizations using Master Production Scheduling realize even more value by using it with Aggregate Supply Planning, Capacity Planning (Constraints), Capacity Planning (CRP), Distribution Requirements Planning, Inventory Management, Order Fulfillment, Supply Action Management or Integrated Project Management.

The world’s best companies use RapidResponse to manage supply chain volatility.