We protect your data in an increasingly connected and digital world

Data is all around us, whether we’re collecting it, managing it or processing. The question is, how are we protecting it? At Kinaxis, we recognize the importance of protecting user privacy and personal data. In fact, we’re also committed to it. That’s why we fully comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – a major step in ensuring digital privacy.

GDPR compliance - Kinaxis RapidResponse

GDPR for RapidResponse

We understand that RapidResponse users have certain rights that are set to safeguard their freedom and help control their personal data. Learn how you can use RapidResponse to comply with GDPR requests and individual rights. Read our brochure.

Data privacy addendum - Kinaxis

Delivering peace of mind

Data privacy addendum for customers covers the data privacy practices that Kinaxis and its affiliated entities throughout the world employ when providing the RapidResponse solution. Read the Kinaxis SaaS Services Data Privacy Addendum for more details.

Privacy Policy - Kinaxis

Committed to protecting your privacy 

What is the Kinaxis Privacy Policy cover, who does it apply to and how does it protect your information under GDPR legislation? Find out about your rights and how information is collected, used, managed and stored by reading the full Privacy Policy.

Privacy Concern - Kinaxis

Report a privacy concern

For data privacy issues, contact the Kinaxis Data Protection Officer at dpo@kinaxis.com.