Our technique: concurrent orchestration

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Don’t let silos slow you down

Current supply chain techniques focus on functional excellence: isolating one piece of the supply chain at a time, fine-tuning it, and then excelling at it. On the surface, this approach should result in an excellent system, one that operates at peak efficiency from end to end. But it doesn’t. 

That's because, between each function, misalignment compounds to create operational blindness. Expertise in capacity planning without understanding the impact on inventory is an example of this lack of transparency, as is a singular focus on demand forecasting, without consideration for production or distribution capacity constraints. 

The transformative concept at the heart of what Kinaxis does is concurrency: a model that takes into view the whole supply chain network and aligns data and people so that a change in one area triggers corresponding changes and communications in the rest of the chain, in real-time. 

You can create what-if scenarios, understand their impact on your whole network, and assess your options before anything actually happens. In moments. No waiting hours, or days, to understand the results. 

Instantly propagate the results across your supply chain. No more spinning your wheels waiting for other people to send you the information you need to do your job. No more arguing over who’s data is right. Simply alignment.


Perfection doesn't exist

Organizations have spent tens of millions of dollars trying to get close, focusing on metrics like forecast accuracy and celebrating improvements of five percentage points. But, although accuracy is important, the perfect plan simply doesn't exist . Organizations must become more agile and be able to predict, absorb, and react to the imperfections.


Eliminating the “I didn't know” excuse

Decisions made in an agile, concurrent environment come from understanding their impact before implementation, creating confidence in the decision-making process and resulting in a more reliable and cost-effective supply chain.


End-to-end connectivity is the key

Inevitably, something unexpected will happen somewhere in the supply chain. A connected, concurrent supply chain instantly handles the effects of these unforeseen events and the impact of the necessary adjustments.

Remove silos to synchronize data, people, and processes for unmatched agility

Together, our community, technique and platform combine to create something much greater than the sum of the parts. An unparalleled experience where we guide you toward ongoing success. Join the world’s leading companies in concurrent supply chain orchestration.

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Unlimited agility by design

Create and manage synchronized plans across time horizons, business processes and organizational boundaries at the same time, in real time, on one platform.

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